9 WEC Performers are out due to Injury after WEC 46


The body contact games like boxing and Mixed Martial Arts are getting more and more dangerous each day and the increasing list of injuries and early retirements is enough establish this point. The MMA universe has recently been torn apart with a number of injuries and in order to add some insult to injury, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has recently issued a medical suspension that includes the names of nine “World Extreme Cagefighting” performers. The list contains the name of Jamie Varner; the headliner from past Sunday’s “WEC 46” along with eight other fighters. According to the CSAC authorities, these fighters won’t be able to compete until they are declared fit.

The injuries of some fighters are a bit serious. The suspensions on fighters like Dave Jansen, Mackens Semerzier, Akitoshi Tamura and George Roop are limited to two months; but five key stars of the brand may well be out for the next six months. Jamie Varner, Charlie Valencia, Kamal Shalorus, Will Campuzano and Coty Wheeler are each suspended until June 2010 as they are suffering from a variety of threatening injuries. WEC 46 was held at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California on January 10. In the main event of that show, Varner was defeated by Ben Henderson who became the first ever Unified WEC Lightweight Champion. But the match also cost Varner a 180 day suspension as he had some injuries on his right knee and foot. He must be cleared by the doctors before being licensed again. Varner was out of the ring most of 2009 with a left-foot injury and broken hand and it seems that 2010 won’t be much different either.

Valencia, on the other hand, was suspended for up to six months with a probably-fractured left elbow after his three-round bout with Japanese import Akitoshi Tamura. The complete list of suspensions is as follows:

* Jamie Varner: suspended for 180 days or until cleared by physician for right foot and right knee
* Kamal Shalorus: suspended 180 days or until cleared by physician for left thumb fracture
* Dave Jansen: suspended 60 days or until cleared by physician for face and right-ear laceration
* Mackens Semerizer: suspended 60 days with a right eyelid laceration
* Charlie Valencia: suspended 180 days or until cleared by physician for possible left-elbow fracture
* Akitoshi Tamura: suspended 60 days or until cleared by physician for left-eyelid laceration
* George Roop: suspended 60 days for facial laceration
* Will Campuzano: suspended 180 days or until cleared by physician for left-shoulder strain
* Coty Wheeler: suspended 180 days for possible orbital fracture and nose fracture

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