UFC Fight night on Vs. 3 Results

UFC fight night on Vs 3 resultsAfter the fight, Sanchez's face looked worse then this

Igor Pokrajac defeats Todd Brown via TKO (Knee) end of Round One

Rousimar Palhares defeats Dave Branch with his trademark kneebar submission in Round Two

Dongi Yang defeats Rob Kimmons via TKO (Strikes) in Round Two

Takeya Mizugaki defeats Reuben Duran via Split Decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)

Shane Roller defeats Thiago Tavares via Knockout in Round Two

-Tavares was picking Roller apart on the feet until the fight was ended with a single devastating right hand.

Cyrille Diabate defeats Steve Cantwell via Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

Danny Castillo defeats Joe Stevenson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

-Despite some nice looking submission attempts and slams, Stevenson was outworked and dropped his third straight fight in the ultra-competative lightweight division. Is this the end of JDS’ (Joe Daddy Stevenson) run in the UFC?

Brian Bowles defeats Damacio Page via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round One

-The odds of Bowles winning the fight weren’t low going in, but winning with the same submission at the exact same time frame in the first round? A bit higher… An exciting back and forth brawl, but Bowles proved more effective, knocking Page to the ground and taking hold of his exposed neck as he tried to stand back up.

Chris Weidman defeats Alessio Sakara via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

-Matt Serra’s protégé Weidman won his first UFC fight through great adversity. After entering the fight as a heavy underdog and getting rocked in the first round by the dangerous striker, Weidman ground out a bloody victory over the veteran Sakara.

Mark Munoz defeats C.B. Dollaway via TKO (Strikes) in Round One

-Dollaway scored a nice takedown early in the fight, but opted to stand the fight up himself from top position over Munoz. This turned out to be a mistake, as the fight ended soon after with a vicious right hand.

Diego “the Dream” Sanchez defeats Martin “the Hitman” Kampmann via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Yes, Diego changed his nickname from “the Nightmare” to “the Dream.” Cute.

-This isn’t the first fight where you could say Sanchez’s face was punched off. It was literally hanging on by a thread. Kampmann picked apart Sanchez with his more technical striking throughout the first round, knocking down and bloodying him in the first few minutes.

Sanchez rallied through the crisp striking in the second, cornering Kampann against the cage and landing some nice shots in a brawling exchange. More of what happened in the first however, Kampmann picking Sanchez apart and easily stuffing his take-downs.

The third round saw a little more success for Diego, pressing Kampmann into the brawl that Sanchez prefers. As in the first two round, however, Sanchez ate a lot of big shots, turning his face into mangled slop. (seriously. It was bad…)

Despite Kampmann’s dominant performance, he lost in a heavily controversial split decision. The hits keep coming for the UFC with bad judging.To his credit, Sanchez showed tremendous heart and finished the fight strong after taking heavy damage. “The Dream” is still one of the most durable fighters in the UFC, and deserves all the respect in the world, but he certainly did not do enough to win the fight.

Cheaters Never Prosper?

It would seem that Michael Bisping has benefited a great deal from actions that can best be described as cheating and poor sportsmanship.

Bisping has found himself to be the center of a great deal of attention in the MMA world. No press is bad press, as they say, and it would seem to ring true. Top contenders in the middleweight division are lining up to fight Bisping by name.

The last two men to fight Anderson Silva for the middleweight title, both top 10 middleweights in the world, have publically requested Bisping for their next fight. Vitor Belfort, via twitter, and the always outspoken Chael Sonnen. In Sonnen’s case he actually emailed Joe Silva personally asking for the fight, as reported by MMAweekly http://mmaweekly.com/chael-sonnen-wants-to-face-michael-bisping-next-in-the-ufc

The cause for Bispings sudden leap in fame is due to what can be considered his most embarrassing fight as a professional against a newfound nemesis, Jorge Rivera.

It all started in the second round when, on the verge of being swept from a dominant position over the downed Rivera, Bisping grabbed the fence to keep his balance.  Grab doesn’t quite do the action justice; he clung to the fence like you might cling to front row tickets to UFC 129 in Toronto.

The real crime, however, came minutes later. Rivera, scrambling to gain his feet after being taken down, was nailed with a devastating illegal knee. And this wasn’t a Koschek oscar winning illegal knee either. This was a full on, fight ending, Thai clinch knee to the face. Some might argue that Rivera seemed to recover after a short break, but the fight was essentially ended right there. Rivera soon after seemed to gas out completely and succumbed to a flurry of punches that drove the ref to stop the fight.

As if that weren’t enough Bisping cursed out Rivera and his cornermen, spitting at one of them from behind the fence.

While shocking, there was a good deal of history behind Bisping’s sudden fall from grace. Rivera and his camp, three weeks prior to the fight, unleashed a vicious campaign of videos mocking everything about the Brit, from his fight history to his personality quirks. Bisping’s manager also reports that the driving force behind the videos, Rivera’s boxing coach Matt Phinney was in their corner cursing and taunting Bisping throughout the fight. http://www.wolfslairmma.co.uk/2011/03/the-wolfslair-mma-academy-issues-a-statement-regarding-what-went-down-at-ufc-127/

These are definitely a set of extenuating circumstances, but this does not excuse Bisping’s behavior. Without knowing the history, all anybody watching the Pay Per View would see is an overgrown child spitting and cursing at an opponent cheated into defeat, and would ask themselves how this type of behavior is allowed?

Dana White, president of the UFC, knows this full well, and has promised disciplinary action will be taken on Michael Bisping. Many fans, however, ask if this action will be enough.

While he claims the knee was unintentional, and apologized profusely for his behavior after the fight, Bisping has proven that cheating and poor sportsmanship can be a very profitable endeavor­. He scored a much-needed finish over an opponent, and his post-fight antics jumped him straight to the top of the middleweight divisions top ten’s hit-list.

It’s true, he probably would have won anyway, if his dominant wrestling in the first round was any indication. He was able to take Rivera down seemingly at will, and while the illegal knee ended well for Bisping, a point was taken that could have changed a decision, and Rivera had the option to not continue the fight to seal a victory. All the risks aside, it seems Bisping came out of the fight better off then he would have otherwise (if we’re not counting his fan’s opinion of him.).

No sport is perfect, MMA cannot afford to have incidents like this occur. While already huge, and growing fast, the UFC is still in a crucial stage of its development and acceptance as a legitimate sport. Athletic commissions in places such as New York use random acts of temper and ‘accident’ as fodder for arguments to keep the sport banned under their jurisdiction.

A fine and/or suspension looms in the future for Bisping, but how badly would said penalties really affect his career? He’d lose a percentage of his purse, and couldn’t fight for a few months, which he wouldn’t be doing anyway.

What fans want is true justice. In the fight business, this could easily come at the end of a fist, but that would only benefit Bisping in the long run. The only hope is that the penalties Dana impose on him suite the severity of the crime, dissuading the occurrence of similar acts in the future.

UFC 126 Results

Great fights tonight so far folks. Keep refreshing for updates.
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What a great night o fights. I cant believe I just saw Silva knock out Belfort with a front kick. Man he is such a great fighter!! 8th title win. Thats why he is the champ!

Main Events-
Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort – Silva Wins knock Out
Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin – Griffin Unanimous descision
Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones – Jones Wins..Bader Taps!! Jones is SICK!!
Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha – Ellenberger Split descision
Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos – Torres Wins unanimous descision

Chad Mendes vs. Michihiro Omigawa – Mendes Wins Unanimous Descision
Kyle Kingsbury vs. Ricardo Romero – Kingsbury Wins 21 Seconds TKO
Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly – Cerrone Wins Submission

UFC 126 Fight Card

Oh man am I pumped for tonight!! Stop by tonight for some play by plays!
Here is the stare down!

Oh man after that I am ready. Beer Check!! Food Check!! Lets get ready!!

Current UFC 126 Fight Card
Pay-Per-View Bouts
Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort
Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin
Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones
Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos

Preliminary Bouts
Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly
Chad Mendes vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Gabe Ruediger vs. Paul Taylor
Demetrious Johnson vs. Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto
Mike Pierce vs. Kenny Robertson
Kyle Kingsbury vs. Ricardo Romero

UFC Headed to Seattle in March

It has officially been announced that the UFC is coming to Seattle on March 26th for an extraordinary bout which will feature Tito Ortiz in Key Arena. The bout will take place on Sunday in Seattle and there are numerous fans who are gearing up for the event which promises to be truly spectacular, if for no other reason than because Ortiz will be fighting to regain his former glory by climbing back to the top of the UFC light heavyweight division. Ortiz will be going up against Rogerio Nogueira who weighs in at 205 pounds and will prove to be a formidable opponent for Ortiz who has expressed his excitement about the bout which will give him the opportunity to win back his UFC title.

UFC President Dana White has made her own comments on the upcoming bout, saying that it is a “must-win” for Ortiz who is trying his best to work his way back up to the top after suffering a devastating loss not too long ago, thereby stripping him of the light heavyweight title that is now questing after in Seattle come March. White said that she realizes that the public knows about their somewhat rocky relationship, but he has been with the organization for a long time and she plans on supporting him. The two are apparently on good terms right now and she has nothing but good things to say about the fighter.

There is no doubt that this is the most important fight of Ortiz’s career because of the fact that he needs it to win back his title. Besides the upcoming bout featuring Ortiz and Nogueira there are also going to be bouts featuring Anthony Johnson and Dan Hardy as well as Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah, giving fans something to look forward to. The matches are highly anticipated by fans and there is already quite a bit of speculation surrounding the possible outcomes of these fights which will take place in March.

The tickets for UFC Fight Night Live will go on sale January 28th and will be sold anywhere from $50 to $250 depending on where the seats are. It will start at 10 AM PT and they can also be purchased at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Those who are interested in going will definitely want to get tickets while they last as they are expected to sell out rather quickly.

Those who are members of the UFC Fight Club will be able to take full advantage of an early sale which will start on January 27th at 10 AM PT. By becoming a part of this club you will be able to gain special features and reserve tickets before most everyone else is able to. The fight itself will take place on Spike TV at 9PM ET and 6PM PT, featuring a number of fighters who will be going for various titles, including Tito Ortiz who will be looking to get back his light heavyweight title once again.

UFC planning at least 2 Events in New York

The chairman and CEO of the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta as well as the president Dana White recently announced that they have plans to bring a minimum of two bouts to New York City within the next year and both will be taking place at Madison Square Garden. White and Fertitta were joined by Frankie Edgar as well as Scott O’ Neil who is the president of Madison Square Garden, saying that they are very excited about bringing the UFC to New York. The press conference consisted of a few pieces of news that New York fans have been waiting to hear for a long time and the rumors have finally been confirmed by the higher ups in the organization after much speculation.

White stated that he believes it is time to bring one of the fastest growing sports into the center of the country so that thousands of people will be able to see some of the upcoming bouts which will consist of a wide variety of fighters who will be going up against each other for title belts. New Yorkers are certainly excited to see the sport come to its home state and there are definitely more than a few economic benefits that the UFC will bring to this state, offering thousands of dollars in revenue as well as jobs for security, vendors, and other people who will be in charge of organizing the event.

O’ Neil also spoke about the upcoming New York fights, saying that he is extremely glad that the UFC is so passionate about coming to New York and making these future matches happen there in Madison Square Garden. He seems very confident that the UFC New York matches will be more exciting and highly anticipated than any other in the U.S so far. The president of Madison Square Garden will be welcoming the UFC with open arms after months of speculation and organization to make the events finally happen and get them scheduled.

Besides making the announcements regarding the two annual UFC events that will be happening in New York in the coming months, officials from the organization have also released an interesting new economic study which they have performed. Fertita said that the organization did an economic study involving some of the major cities across the country, involving places like Las Angeles as well as Boston and Philadelphia. Each city has shown a significantly positive increase in their economic status because of the UFC coming to these places.

It seems as though everywhere the UFC goes, economic benefits are inevitable for the places where they set up at. There is no doubt that these matches are highly anticipated by fans who come from surrounding states just to see the bouts, often times going so far as to camp out the night before to get tickets. UFC fans are some of the most dedicated individuals that these types of sports have seen in a long time, indicating just how strong their fan base really is in places all over the country.

UFC Going Back to New Jersey in March

UFC 128 which will take place March 19th will be in Newark, New Jersey. Tickets for the March bout will officially go on sale January 13th and there are certain websites and locations that have pre-sale offerings for those who have special privileges such as with the UFC fight club. The UFC bout will take place at Prudential Center and there are certainly a number of fans who are gearing up for it as well as the actual fighters who will be participating. The light-heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua will be going up against Rashad Evans who is the former titleholder and will be giving it all he has to get it back.

Urijah Faber known as “The California Kid” will also be in UFC 128, making his debut in the ring against Eddie Wineland who is the former WEC bantamweight champion. There is no doubt whatsoever that a number of fans are looking forward to the upcoming bout which will take place in New Jersey, a location which the UFC is not particularly known for visiting. With all of the big title fights as well as a debut from Faber, there are quite a few fans that are looking forward to it and are planning on purchasing tickets as soon as they go on sale.

This light heavyweight fight is definitely one of the more anticipated events in recent UFC history, at least according to Dana White who is the president of the organization. Shogun has proven himself to be one of the more skilled and experienced fighters, especially after he managed to take down Lyoto Machida for the belt. Shogun is now going up against Rashad Evans, an opponent that might not be an easy one to defeat and he knows it.

Evans has won bouts with both Thiago Silva as well as Rampage Jackson, making him a fierce opponent in the ring and many UFC fans will be showing up in person to see for themselves who will be victorious. White said that with the main fight as well as some of the other ones involving multiple fighters, the card they are putting together for New Jersey will prove to be an extremely exciting one that fans have been clamoring for. The fight for the bantamweight title is perhaps the most highly anticipated fight, involving Faber and Wineland who will be going head to head in New Jersey’s city center.

Jeff Vanderbeek who is the chairman of Devils Arena Entertainment stated that so far UFC events that have been taken places at this venue in New Jersey have been successful and they believe this one will not disappoint in terms of the sheer number of people who will be showing up. Tickets for the event which will go on sale January 13th will be starting at $60 and could cost as much as $500 depending on the seat that you purchase. With all of the anticipation building up for the event, there is no doubt that fans will be buying them up as soon as they officially go on sale.

UFC 125 Fight Card

I am looking  forward to tonights fights! I will actually be heading over to a friends to watch so I highly doubt I will be able to do a play by play. Maybe ill bring the Ipad along hehe.

Anyways I really want Edgar to pull this off “He is an NJ guy like myself!” Maynard is tough, but if Edgar  fights like he did last time against Penn and has kept up that training and intensity I think he will pull it off!

Look forward to a Leben slug fest too ;-)

I also love a Nate Diaz fight, that guy is great! Looking forward to him doing something interesting.

I am very curious to see this Baroni and Tavares fight. If Tavares wants to make a mark then he better win this fight. Baroni is gonna come out swinging hard!

UFC 125 Fight Card

Main Card
Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard
Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera
Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim
Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida

Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens
Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier
Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares
Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes
Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto
Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann

UFC Going Back to Brazil August 2011

Although some people do not realize it, the birth spot of MMA is Brazil. The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship only exists because of mixed martial arts which was started twenty years ago. Since the birth of MMA there has been a number of rule changes and improvements made that have ultimately led to the developing of the UFC league where fighters from around the world go one-on-one against each other to see who is the better fighter overall. MMA began in Brazil in gyms and academies, quickly moving to the streets and evolving into an actual championship fights that are meant to determine which fighter is the best of them all. The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization has officially announced that it will be holding its next international fight in Brazil August of 2011.
There has not been a UFC bout held in Brazil since back in 1998, so the news certainly comes as a shock to many in the UFC as well as those who live in Brazil and are extremely excited about the news. Both Frank Fertitta and Lornenzo J. Fertitta who own the UFC announced the news that the organization will in fact be coming to Brazil next year to hold an international fight. The Brazilian city that the UFC will be coming to will also be the home of the 2016 summer olympics as well as the 2014 FIFA World Cup. There is quite a for this city to digest with all of the news regarding these events that have been unfolding for a while now.
The international UFC event will be held at the HSBC arena in Brazil on Saturday August 27th of next year. A spokesperson for the UFC said that everyone who is involved cannot wait to bring the international fight to the largest city in Brazil, and they know that there will be plenty of local MMA fans showing up to see it. The owners of the UFC organization have said that they are pleased to give back to the country that has birthed MMA and is essentially why the UFC exists in the first place. Some of the UFC fighters with Brazilian heritage include Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Vitor Belfort. There are certainly a number of fighters in the UFC that have roots in this country and it is truly a revolutionary thing for the organization to be traveling to this country for the second time in twelve years.
Lorenzo Fertitta said that this upcoming trip to Brazil will be just one part of their planned expansion to other countries and there are definitely more international fights to come in places other than Brazil; however they felt that it would be an appropriate first stop because it is the birthplace of MMA. The owners say that by introducing the UFC to Brazil as well as other places around the world, they will be securing a foothold in the large market which is constantly growing. They have expressed their excitement for the first international Brazilian fight in twelve years, a truly landmark event for MMA and the UFC. Quite a few fighters in the organization have expressed their excitement of the 2011 bout which will take place in Brazil’s largest city.

Koscheck Pwned in UFC 124 by St Pierre

Well folks all I can say is Koscheck got schooled tonight! I was happy to see a lot of stand up and St Pierre dominated with the JAB. I mean dominated. Was nice too see Koscheck go down, I would have loved a knock out but hey what can ya do!

Koscheck did show some class at the end of the fight so I give him credit for that.

This just shows why St Pierre is the Champ!! Great fight guys. Kosch get some ice on that eye!! ow!!