UFC 124 Results

Well I just got back from the city and realized I didn’t bring my laptop home with me! ugh!! So a play by play inst happening since my computer is in the other room.
Ill see what I can do , but cannot promise anything.

Here are the results so far!

Main Card

Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck
Georges St-Pierre

Sean McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve
Struve wins!
Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
MIller wins leg bar!
Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig
– Danzig knock out!
Thiago Alves vs. John Howard – Alves unanimous decisions

Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett - Bocek by tap out!
Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal - Draw
Matt Riddle vs. Sean Pierson – Official scores: All three judges have it 30-27 Pierson, who gets another standing ovation.
TJ Grant vs. Ricardo Almeida – Official scores: 30-27 across the board for Almeida, the winner by unanimous decision.
Pat Audinwood vs. John Makdessi - Official scores: 30-27 (twice) and 30-26 for Makdessi, who takes the unanimous decision.

UFC 124 St Pierre VS Koscheck

Aw yeah this should be a good one tonight! I am taking the Wifey to Radio City Music show tonight, but hope ;-) to be back in time for UFC 124!

Now I know this has been built up for awhile. I really hope St Pierre puts a hurting on Koscheck! For all the trash the Koscheck talks he better come out swinging hard! I know trash talking is a part of the sport sometimes, but Josh is just borderline annoying with it. He is like that kid in highschool, but never grew up ya know? For his sake I hope it is just an act, but I pretty much doubt it. I appreciate St Pierres respect for the sport and for other fighters and that is what makes him a great Champ & Champ is what I feel he will stay tonight!

Here is the fight card for tonight!
Main Card
Georges St-Pierre vs. Josh Koscheck
Sean McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve
Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Joe Stevenson vs. Mac Danzig
Thiago Alves vs. John Howard

Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett
Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal
Matt Riddle vs. Sean Pierson
Joe Doerksen vs. Dan Miller
TJ Grant vs. Ricardo Almeida
Pat Audinwood vs. John Makdessi

Josh Koscheck’s Most Important Fight

Many people have been anticipating the upcoming fight on Saturday night that will feature Koscheck and Georges-St.Pierre. Although to some people may look at the Saturday night bout as being just another night for Koscheck, the truth is that it means much more than just that. If he wins the bout against St-Pierre, it will ultimately mean that he gets the 170 pound welterweight title as well as a prestigious spot in the UFC Hall of Champions which every fighter strives for, including Koscheck. Although it will certainly be a big night for the fighter, he has said that he really hasn’t given it a lot of thought because he believes that is ready. Koscheck’s confidence reflects that of his fans who believe that he will triumph against St-Pierre Saturday night when they are scheduled to go head-to-head, fighting it out for the welterweight title which will make one of the  fighters into a UFC legend.
Even with everything that is riding on this once fight, Koscheck said that he is looking at it as just another fight and nothing more. So far it seems like the fighter has a decent amount of self-confidence and will fight it out till the bout is over on Saturday. There is no doubt that Koscheck has thought about this night for a while, and whether or not he admits it, it will be a significant night for him whether he wins or loses. Although he has already managed to establish a good reputation for himself in the UFC, this upcoming fight promises to change everything and take him to a new plateau in his career.  The UFC 124 fight that is coming up on Saturday promises a lot of excitement for fans who have been waiting for this bout for a long time. In the past Koscheck has discussed  fighting for the money and if he manages to win the bout against Georges St-Pierre, he will find that any problems he may be having with money will soon disappear.
Most UFC fighters that have a title belt tend to make much more than those who do not. If Koscheck has proven anything with his past behavior, it is that he is a capable intelligent fighter that knows what is at stake with this next fight. Koscheck has been quotes as saying that he isn’t concerned so much about the belt and the title as he is the fight itself, and he plans on doing anything he can to win. He has been training rigorously for the fight that will be able to change his life for better or worse. Few UFC fighters have not dreamed about wrapping a title belt around their waist and that includes Koscheck. He has worked hard to get up to the bout with St-Pierre and there is no doubt that he is going to do everything in his power to win.
Although you may not like what Koscheck has to say, there is no doubt that he is a straight shooter and in it to win it. He enters the ring with a single goal in mind: winning the bout. There are few fighters who have shown the level of dedication and perseverance that Koscheck has in his short career as a member of the UFC. With no title belts so far, he is no doubt looking forward to the opportunity to get in the ring with St-Pierre and take home the 170 pound welterweight title that is coveted by just about every fighter. Ever since Koscheck was young he has been a winner with the records to prove it. He has a National Division I Championship title for the NCAA in 2001 and has been recognized as an All-American on four separate occasions. When it comes to winning, Koscheck knows how to do it and has demonstrated the kind of attitude and skill that gets fighters far in the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale

It has been a pretty good season and the build up for St Pierre and Koscheck is getting closure.

In the mean time Brookings VS Johnson tomorrow night.

I really think Brookins will defeat Johnson. Granted they have both had a good amount of time to train and get better, but I think if Brookins stayed on track with his training he will def win this match! I like both of the guys, I just think Brookins will pull it out. Can’t wait for the fight!

Here is the fight card!

Main Card
Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac
Michael Johnson vs. Jonathan Brookins
Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia
Rick Story vs. Johny Hendricks
Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia

Preliminary Card
Aaron Wilkinson vs. Cody McKenzie
Ian Loveland vs. Tyler Toner
Kyle Watson vs. Sako Chivitchian
Nick Pace vs. Will Campuzano
Pablo Garza vs. Fredson Paixao
David Branch vs. Rich Attonito

Tonight UFC 121 Live Results

Sup suckas!!! Normally I do a play by play, but tonight it is just not gonna work.
Follow that red arrow! “Dont be hating on it you know I have skeelzzz!”
That is the shout box. I will be posting updates there and will prob do a recap of the fights as a post later tonight. So if you hop online and need to know who’s fighting and who is winning just ask in the shout box and I will give you an Update ASAP!!

Enjoy the night!

UFC 121 Lesnar Vs Velasquez

Who is ready for tonight? I know I am… I always loveto watch Lesnar fight and after his last match against Carwin I feel that Lesnar is unstoppable! But hey that’s just me!

There are a lot of good matches tonight!

Tito Ortiz Vs Matt Hamill? I dunno about this one. All I know is that if Tito doesn’t win I don’t see too much happening for him in the future!

Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago – I feel that Diego will take this one. Thiago is tough, but Diego has something to prove tonight and I think he will do it!

Brendan Schaub vs. Gabriel Gonzaga - This one I am up in the air with. Schaub needs a win, but I have not been following him much, so who knows.

Court McGee vs. Ryan Jensen – I really like Court McGee, I think he will pull this one out. Lets see if he can prove that he really is the TUF champ!

See you all tonight!

Here is the fight card for tonight!


  • Champ Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez
    UFC Heavyweight Championship
  • Jake Shields vs. Martin Kampmann
  • Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago
  • Tito Ortiz vs. Matt Hamill
  • Brendan Schaub vs. Gabriel Gonzaga


  • Court McGee vs. Ryan Jensen
  • Patrick Cote vs. Tom Lawlor


  • Daniel Roberts vs. Mike Guymon
  • Paul Taylor vs. Sam Stout
  • Dongi Yang vs. Chris Camozzi
  • Gilbert Yvel vs. Jon Madsen

UFC 120 Results

Sup folks!! Below are the results and a quick recap of UFC 120. Sorry been really busy lately, but I should be around for a nice play by play next sat for UFC 121!

I missed most of the prelim fights,which sucked and I forgot to hit the record button on my DVR lol.

Anyways I was really looking forward to the Hardy VS Condit fight. In Hardy’s last fight against GSP I thought he held up well and could not believe some of the situations he got out of . I think he is a great fighter. The Natural Born Killer is a great fighther too. I thought the fight was going great and Hardy looked real solid! Hitting real hard. Only thing is Condit hit him first. They both threw the same punch just Condit got there first! Bamm Hardy to the canvas!! Great Fight!!

Bisbing Vs Akiama – This was a good fight, lots of back and forths in the beginning. Akiyama seemed to get gassed and was just swinging for the fences. Something he did in his last fight too. I think it is time to change strategy lol. As for Bisbing I always like watching him in the ring. He is a solid all around fighter and I cant wait for his next bout!

Preliminary Card
Light Heavyweight bout: James McSweeney vs. Fabio Maldonado. Maldonado defeated McSweeney via TKO (punches) at 0:48 of Round 3.

Lightweight bout: Spencer Fisher vs. Kurt Warburton. Fisher defeated Warburton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Lightweight bout: Paul Sass vs. Mark Holst. Sass defeated Holst via submission (triangle choke) at 4:45 of Round 1.

Heavyweight bout: Rob Broughton vs. Vinicius Queiroz. Broughton defeated Queiroz via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:43 of Round 3.

Light Heavyweight bout: Cyrille Diabaté vs. Alexander Gustafsson. Gustafsson defeated Diabaté via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:41 of Round 2.

Main card

Welterweight bout: James Wilks vs. Claude Patrick. Patrick defeated Wilks via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Heavyweight bout: Cheick Kongo vs. Travis Browne. Browne and Kongo fought to a unanimous draw (28-28, 28-28, 28-28). Kongo had one point deducted in Round 3 for repeatedly grabbing Browne’s shorts.

Welterweight bout: John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle. Pyle defeated Hathaway by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Welterweight bout: Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit. Condit defeated Hardy via KO (punch) at 4:27 of Round 1.

Middleweight bout: Michael Bisping vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama. Bisping defeated Akiyama via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Arianny Celeste Playboy

Wowza is our girl Arianny gonna be in Playboy? You bet.

Who is running out to get their copy?

Arianny Celeste Playboy has made a stir on internet and it seems the news is going to stay on internet for quite a while as Arianny Celeste’s pictures have been leaked to internet. Arianny Celeste, the UFC ring girl was rumored having posed for Playboy magazine and her posing for the magazine had been a hot topic among her fans, but as the November issue of Playboy has hit the shelves, the news of Arianny Celeste has also hit the internet for the reason that long awaited Arianny Celeste Playboy pictures are out at least and now everybody can enjoy it giving a visit to a nearby book store. Arianny Celeste has had opportunity to pose for Maxim before being featured on Playboy magazine cover.

Don’t forget to check out more pictures of Arianny CelesteClick Here

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12

OK so I finally got to watch The Ultimate Fighter season 12. Like I said I have been real busy, but no worries I recorded them hehe.

I love this division because the fighters are so fast and agile. There are def some good fighters this year, but they all have a lot to learn. I watched the first fight with Bruce LeeRoy “lol” and Lentz. Me being from NJ had to stick up for Lentz, but after seeing him be cocky “no wonder jersey gets a bad name” I was like that’s it I hope he loses. Actually it was in between rounds when he yelled over from his corner. C’mon dude you did nothing there, but set yourself back in the sport bro! Cmon!! You should have won that fight. You could have one that fight. If you had taken that round easy and not came out swinging for the fences you could have easily won. Its not all about brawn its also about brains and strategy. Now your done and I highly doubt, after your performance and your cockyness the couches will give you a second shot later if it indeed comes…

Aghh sorry for that rant just really pisses me off. These guys get a chance in a lifetime to make an impression and they let their ego get in the way!

Anyways I can’t wait for the rest of the season, ecspecialy when they showed the clip of the one dude getting knocked out. There is another idiot who blew his shot! Cmon guys… well at least it makes for great TV ;-)

CYA Sat night at UFC 119

UFC 119 – Fight Card Info

Who is ready for UFC 119? I know I am. Sorry I have been slacking lately. I have been trying to keep up, but its been so crazy, but hey at least you can count on me for some play by play action on Saturday night!

All I can say is that Mir better beat Cro Crop! Cro Cop is confident and coming off his last win so I am looking for him come out blasting. I really think Mir will take this fight though.

Here is the fight card for the night!

Pay-Per-View Bouts
Frank Mir vs. Mirko Cro Cop
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Ryan Bader
Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle
Evan Dunham vs. Sean Sherk
Melvin Guillard vs. Jeremy Stephens

Preliminary Bouts
CB Dollaway vs. Joe Doerksen
Matt Mitrione vs. Joey Beltran
Thiago Tavares vs. Pat Audinwood
Steve Lopez vs. Waylon Lowe
TJ Grant vs. Julio Paulino
Mark Hunt vs. Sean McCorkle

See you all saturday night!