UFC 118 Results

Was a great night for fighting. Couture showed Toney how MMA does it and Edgar owned Penn and showed everyone that he is the true champ!!

OK  sorry folks got a late start tonight. Was at a family reunion and just got back.

Gonna start the live blog with Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard

Pay-Per-View Bouts

Frankie Edgar def BJ Penn Unanimous Decision 50-45 all judges!!!
Randy Couture def James Toney – Tapout
Demian Maia def Mario Miranda – Unanimous decision
Gray Maynard derf Kenny Florian – Unanimous Decision
Nate Diaz def Marcus Davis (submission)

Preliminary Bouts
Joe Lauzon def. Gabe Ruediger via submission (armbar)
Nik Lentz def. Andre Winner via unanimous decision
Dan Miller def. John Salter via submission (anaconda choke)
Greg Soto def. Nick Osipczak via unanimous decision
Mike Pierce def. Amilcar Alves via submission (armbar)


UFC 118 Edgar VS Penn

Here we go folks the main event. Rematch Edgar vs Penn. I honestly have to say I think Edgar will win again! We shall see. I got a late start on the event, but I am  3 for 3 so far ;-) In fact I really hope Edgar wins to shut up BJ’s friggin whining!

Round 1 – Edgar for a quick take down… BJ on his back but doing his thing…  BJ landing some punches… both on their feet again…  nice shot from Penn… both moving around throwing punches… crowd chanting Frankie… nice knee from Penn… Edgar big take down on penn and into side cotnrol… both on their feet again…  leg kick from edgar… both exchanging punches.. 30 seconds…   big kick from edgar.. give round 1 to edgar

Round 2 – Both come out swinging… Penn lands some shots…  nice leg kick from Edgar..  big knee from Edgar nice!!  Edgar shooting but nothing… Edgar looking really good being the aggressor…  Penn landing some jabs….  another take down from edgar wow! good stuff…. Penn on his back now and Edgar trying to pass to a better spot.. both back on their feet..  Edgar looking fast with his punches… just missing Penns chin… nice kicks from Edgar…  nice body kick from edgar…  10 seconds we going to round 3

Round 3 – Both throwing punches… Edgar with a kick and misses..  Edgar is coming hard and fast… great combos just waiting to land a big one…  Penn landing some big ones…  3:00 left..  dang nice overhand right from edgar…  Edgar chipping away at Penn…  Penn not really doing much…  Edgar is faking left and right and really throwing Penn off…  Penn defends the take down, but edgar lands a few as they get up…  Joe Rogan just said BJ is getting out classed and I have to agree…  Edgar .. penn against the face and edgar lands some hard shots…  30 seconds…  Man Edgar is just chipping away at him…Round….4…

Round 4 – Edgar looks like he is ready to go… Edgar back at Penn and is not slowing down… Penn for a take down… Edgar has his head though… penn tying up the legs…  Edgar defending…  Edgar back up on his feet nice!!  Edgar lands one, you would have to think PEnn is surprised and frustrated.. oh man nice!!! big sweep and edgar takes down penn! great defense on the ground from Penn… wrapping up edgar…  edgar still on top and punching penn hard!!!  back to his feet… both up…  1:00…. both exchanging and edgar getting the better… round… 5

Round 5 – here we go…  Edgar still has gas and is going at him with fakes and punches. penn for take down and gets its… edgar for a guitine… has to defend here… penn doing what he does… edgar back on his feet but penn has his back and edga back on top… nice work!!  Penn is gassed breathing hard out of the mouth… 3:00 left…  Edgar just throwing elbos and punches and hitting hard… chipping away still…  both on the ground Edgar oin control… penn against the fence back on their fett. 90 seconds…  Edgar still looking fresh and that is impressive… going at Penn… edgar still landing some shots.. penn looking tired… Edgar not letting up… dang big knee to penns head he is hurt…. its over………

Well Edgar has go this for sure! He is a true Champion. Penn should have trained as much as he whined and he might have had a chance!!!

Edgar def Penn – Unanimous Decision 50-45 all judges!!!


UFC 118 Couture vs Toney

Oh yeah this is the one I have been waiting for!! Who will win? I really think Toney has a shot, but I am giving this one to Captain America!! Show em how MMA works! If Couture plays his game I think Toney is gonna get gassed real quick, but we shall see!

Round 1 – Both eyeing each other up.. couture shoots and gets him on his back!  Smashing toneys head, crowd chanting couture.. giving toney no room to breathe..   Couture still on top, crowd chanting UFC … Couture is just teeing off.. Toney has no clue on the ground right now… Couture working an arm triangle, oh ohhh  toney going to sleep?….. toney holding on…. bravo… arm triangle part 2… Toney tapss cha ching!!!! nice work Couture!!

Couture def Toney – Tapout!!

Just goes to show how much is involved with MMA. Toney needed more ground game to even have a shot


Demian Maia vs. Mario Miranda UFC 118 Results

Here we go I am giving this one to Maia.  Both are great fighters, but Maia is more ready for this one!

Round 1 – Gloves touched….  MIranda throwing kicks… Maia throwing knees… Maia has Miranda down and throwing knees… MIranda against the fence and on the ground now…  Maia landing punches… Uh oh Maia has he back, not looking good for Miranda…  Maia still has his back and throwing punches.. uh oh maia is hooked around miranda… Miranda back on his feet! wow!  Both on there feet exchanging….  Not much going on now, both fighters waiting on the other… 10 seconds… on too round 2…

Round 2 – Here we go… Maia has his head, gets him to the ground and in side control…  Such a great ground game from Maia… Some punches to MIrandas face…  Miranda is just sitting there, not sure if he is tired or thats strategy lol… Maia just throwing punches, but Miranda is not doing much… Maia being patient and looking for the kill…  elbows on Marios face…  punch after punch from Maia, not looking good for Miranda…. Maia going for his right arm…. working something here… 45 seconds…  Maia really working that arm… oh boy Miranda slips out and is on his feet again.. nice move…  on to round 3

Round 3 -  Miranda needs a knockout…  Miranda attacks and Maia answers back… gets Mirandas back…. Maia still on his back.. not looking good for Miranda… he is tough , but that aint gonna win this!  Maia going for the arm again and Miranda reverses… Miranda on top, but he seems gassed… both back on their feet again…  1:45 on the clock both on their feet , both are gassed.. . Maia for another take down… Maia going for an arm bar.. trying to bring his leg across but cant get it… here we goo….. Miranda spins around!!! nice move but this round is over…. 

Maia defeates Miranda – unanimous decision


UFC 118 Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard

OK Getting ready for Kenny Florian vs. Gray Maynard here we go.

My prediction? I have always liked Florian, but Maynard is tough! I think Maynard is gonna pull this one out! Maynard is also undefeated.

Let’s see…

Round 1 – Both are just feeling each other out.  Who will get the first strike? Florian with a kick… Maynard looking to take him down… Florian working a few kicks to the leg, but both still being careful… Florian lands a nice shot, but Maynard shales it off.  Body shot from Maynard…  Maynard for a take down, but Florian defends nicely…  Take down by Maynard, Florian on his back….  Couple shots from Maynard which he needs to get this round… On too round 2

Round 2 – Both fighters not forcing anything. Maynard wants to go to the ground with this…  Still playing it carefully for both fighters… Maynard is just waiting for the right moment to throw a bomb… Maynard for the take down and gets it… This is what Florian doesnt want!!  Florian against the cage and now on his back… Maynard side control… Florian is bleeding from the eye it looks like…  Maynard throwing punches on the ground and Florian is eating them… 30 seconds left… Hard shot from Florian on his back but this round is going to Maynard! Kenny needs to end it in the 3rd round!

Round 3 – Here we go final round…  Both being cautious again, Florians eye is a bit swollen… Head shot from Florian… Florian is going at Maynard.. Its all he can do… Maynard is being smart and just waiting…. take down from Maynard…  Florian still on his back…  Florian back on his feet ,but maynard takes him down… Florian trying for triangle but no luck… wow Florian oh man gives it up… Maynard is taking this one.. back on there feet and its over Maynard wins!

Maynard def Florian – Unanimous Decision

Title shot for Maynard!


UFC 118 Fight Card – Edgar Vs Penn

Who is ready for UFC 118? I know I am. I doubt it can top the action at UFC 117, but hey they can try! I will be travelling that Sat, but I hope to be back in time to give the play by play. I have moved the site to a better server, so there should be no issues like I had with UFC 117. What a pain. Anyway’s I hope to bring all you cheap bastards who won’t splurge for PPV the updates of the fights as fast as I can. ;-) If your not signed up to get updates then CLICK HERE if you are then your rock. I am also thinking about setting up a bigger live chat room, so we can all chat as the fights are on. We shall see.

Which fights am I really looking forward too? All of them of course, but… if I had to pick a few here they are.

Marcus Davis VS Nate Diaz is gonna be great! I really like Nate Diaz and I think he will win the fight. Davis is tough, but Diaz is such a solid fighter and he is just killing it out there!

Edgar Vs Penn should be a nice battle! For some reason I am not so excited about it thought. Go figure… I think Edgar will pull of the win.

Couture VS Toney, now this is gonna be real fun. I cannot wait for this. This is definitely a ploy to get attention, but so what! Even couture said he was done fighting at the heavy weight level because it takes so much more out of you. Granted he prob wont be rolling on the ground with Tony, but one thing is for sure Toney is gonna hit hard. If Couture can play his game and stay out of Toney’s punches he will win hands down! I am giving this win to Couture. MMA has to show boxing that it is done!

OK Here is the UFC 118 Fight Card

Main Events

Frank Edgar VS BJ Penn

Randy Couture VS James Toney

Main Card

Kenny Florian VS Gray Maynard

Marcus Davis VS Nate Diaz

Demian Maia VS Mario Miranda


Joe Lauzon VS Gabe Reudiger

Nik Lentz VS Andre Winner

Gerald Harris Vs Joe Vedepo

Dan MIller VS John Salter

Nick Osipczk VS Greg Soto

Mike Pierce VS Amilcar Alves

UFC 117 Results – Silva vs Sonnen

Well.. here we go… I am going to try and do my best play by play tonight. I’m just getting home from a 6 hour drive so I am beat and on my 6th Sam Adams Summer… ;-)

Don’t worry I’ll make it.

Quick RECAP of tonight!

This will be real quick! Well we were having a great time in the shout box until my hosting decided to kill my account. Friggin idiots. Of course this happened during the main event in which Silva took a massive beating, but was still able to pull a triangle on Sonnen in the 5th run and remain the Champ! It was a great fight and Sonnen could have easily took the belt, but he got caught and we all know how that ends. Thanks for all the peeps that were hanging around tonight!

Pay-Per-View Bouts
Anderson Silva def Chael Sonnen submission Round 5 (Click For Live Blog)
Jon Fitch def Thiago Alves unanimous decision (Click For Live Blog)
Clay Guida def Rafael Dos Anjos via submission tapout (Click For Live Blog)
Matt Hughes def. Ricardo Almeida vis submission first round (Click For Live Blog)
Junior Dos Santos def. Roy Nelson via Decision (Click For Live Blog)

Preliminary Bouts

Rick Story Dustin Hazelett def. via second-round TKO
Phil Davis def. Rodney Wallace via unanimous decision
Johny Hendricks def. Charlie Brenneman via second-round TKO
Tim Boetsch def. Todd Brown via unanimous decision
Stefan Struve def. Christian Morecraft via second-round TKO
Dennis Hallman def. Ben Saunders via unanimous decision

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Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen – UFC 117 Results

Silva def Sonnen via submission Round 5

I’ve been waiting for this one! Well I guess we all have been. My pic is that Silva is going to win, but after the weigh in I really want Sonnen to knock him out. Silva is just getting to cocky. I mean there is cocky and then there is arrogant!

Well it has been a great night of fights so far. This is what we have been waiting for.

Ok here we go……
Its getting crazy in here!!

Round 1 – Ok here we go.. Knee by sonnen but silva grabs it…Sonnen rocks him and rocks him again!! damn!! Wow Silva seems rocked and again and again… take down from Sonnen.. wow!!

Ok srry server crashing we going round 2!!

Round 2 – Silva has some energy but bamm Sonnen takes him down again!!

Round 5 – Silva makes Sonnen Tap ouT!! wow Silva wins!!

Wow sorry folks my friggin server got crashed!!! Jeezz well i guess we got a little crazy in the shout box on the site. All of a sudden the server crashed. Well as for the other rounds here is what happened!! Sonne pretty much owned it all, he put a beating on Silva, but was able to get the triangle and make Sonnen tap. It was close, the ref didn’t even know what to do. Sonnen barely tapped out, but he got it. Silva wins and thats why he is the champion.

Silva Sonne Rematch? We may see it!!!

Silva def Sonnen via submission Round 5

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Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves – UFC 117 Results

Fitch defeats Alves via unanimous decision

My pick tonight? Alves. He has gotten better and stronger. Thats all I can say. Lets see what happens.

Ready for war!! Rematch time. Both fighters have improved, but who has improved more? We are gonna find out in a moment.

May the best man win! I am 2 for 3 tonight btw ;-)

Round 1 – Taking their time… some combos from Fitch and the take down from Fitch… Fitch has side control and is sticking his elbow in alves throat… on the feet, but now Alves in control… Alves lets him back up.. on their feet with 1min30 seconds to go… solid right from Alves… few body shots to the body from Finch… Finch goes for a take down, but no luck… clinching… going round 2…

Round 2 – Ok back at it… Uh oh… Fitch for take down, but gets into head lock from Alves… Alves against the cage.. Fitch trying to lift him up, but not working, back on their feet, but Fitch gets alves on his back… ow Fitch is ramming knees up Alves ass, not even kidding… Fitch landing punches on Alves.. 2min24 secons left… Alves needs to work here, but can’t seem to get out of it… Alves has Fitch’ head, ugh that didnt last… on the ground again… Fitch has Alves back… ah nice move from Alves and gets on top… both on their feet again… Alves wants the stand up… couple shots from Alves, but I think this is going to Fitch

Round 3 – Ok Alves needs a knock out! Both coming out swinging some shots landed!! Both still swinging… Fitch for the take down, but a no go… Avles for an uppercut but misses and leaves himself open.. Fitch gets his back one hook in… Fitch controlling it… Fitch is squeezing Alves stomach making it real hard to breathe… Oh man Fitch is working hard here.. not looking good for Alves… looking for an arm triangle… Fitch has this if he just holds Alves, but he wants a submission.. wow alves rolls over and gets on top, but Fitch still seems to have control! bahh back on feet…. tick tock… 5 seconds.. Fitch is winning this no doubt!

Fitch defeats Alves via unanimous decision

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Clay Guida vs. Rafael Dos Anjos – UFC 117 Results

Guida defeats Dos Anjos via submission tapout! Round 3

Oh yeah this should be a slug fest. Guida looks fired up and I gotta give it to Guida just cause he is an animal!!

So both fighters have been improving. Anjos is really coming up fast, but Guida has been changing his game a lot and he just has that Old School Guida nastyness! Gonna be a nice brawl me thinks!

OK lets do this!!

Round 1 – OK Guidas hair is all over…. both swinging hard… nice kick landed by Clay dang!!! Exchanging guida getting the better of each… Anjos nailing some hard inside leg kicks… Anjos for a take down, but guida aint having it… Anjos against the cage and the fans chanting Guida! Guida still working a take down, but nothing… wasting energy, but this is Clay Guida we are talking about lol… Ok both back on their feet, Anjos on the attack but nothing… Anjos catches a right… Ow nice uppercut from Anjos and the take down for anjos… 30 seconds in the round… Anjos hits a nice punch on the way up from the ground… Hmm I may have to give that round to Anjos for the strong finish there…

Round 2 – Ok both fighters coming out at each other… Man guida does not stop bouncing around lol… I wonder if he cut his hair if he could see better? ;-) Anyways… both taking swings..crowd again chanting for Guida… Guida needs a take down, both fighters are working for that big punch… take down from Guida… anjos had guida arm locked, but got out of it… Anjos on his back, but looks very calm… guida working the body and still on top of Anjos… 30 seconds left… going to round 3 folks…

Round 3 – Both coming out strong.. who wants it more? Guida attacking early, but anjos countering… Guida going for a take down and bang a big take down, but Anjos knows how to defend… Guida has top control… Guida kneeing Dos Anjos and keeping control… uh oh its over!!! Guida gets the Tapo out!! danggg I dont even know what happend!!

OK so its seems that Guida just had his shoulder into the face. Damn Dos Anjos is hurt… looks like something with the jaw. Go Guida! Nice job bro!

Guida defeats Dos Anjos via submission tapout! Round 3

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