Matt Hughes vs. Ricardo Almeida – UFC 117 Results

Hughes defeats Almeida via front headlock! Round 1 Submission

I have really been looking forward to this match up. My pick is Hughes, but if Almeida gets lucky he could pull it out. If its a technical fight Hughes is taking it, thats all I meant about Almeida getting a lucky shot, but hey we have seen people daze Hughes and he gets back into it.

OK getting started! After the Nelson / Santos fight I am roaring for more! Hall of Famer VS Young Guns! Could be a huge victory for Santos. For Hughes… maybe another chance at a title shot? Dana?

Ah nice Almeida is fighting out of New Jersey. Home town!! Sweet, still thinking Matt Hughes ;-)

Round 1 – Lets get it on…  both throwing some shots…  both are reaching.. when will this go to the ground…  Still stand up, both not committing though.  Both are fighting very cautiously… Almeida throwing some nice combos.. dang hughes knocks Almeida to the ground!! Over damN!!! Huges takes him out. That was great!! Left hook then Hughe gets him on the ground and puts Almeida to sleep with a front headlock!

Well that was great! This is why Matt Hughes is a hall of famer! His 18th win. OK well I am now 1 for 2 lol. Congrats Matt!

Hughes defeats Almeida via front headlock! Round 1 Submission

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Roy Nelson Vs Junior Dos Santos – UFC 117 Results

Winner Junior Dos Santos via Decision 30-26 30-26 30-27

During the whole season of TUF I wanted Nelson to go down and he didn’t! Even in the finale I wanted him to lose and he didn’t! Nelson knows his stuff. Maybe its the mullet I dunno, but I am picking Nelson for this fight! He has shown he knows his stuff and can win!

This is gonna be a war… Let’s see if Nelson fights smarts, which is what I think he will. Santos is gonna come out swinging hard and fast.  Just you watch!

Round 1 -  Gloves touch…  Nelson needs a tan! ;-)   Calibrating… Calibrating…  Both throwing some punches. Nelson throws a hard punch and falls… Woking the clinch, but nothing much going on.  Im feeling a take down from Nelson, but Santos is standing strong. Big knee from santos!  Damn Santos is teeing off on Nelson. Nelson is still up though., Jeesh this is bad for Nelson!!  Another uppercut from Dos Santos, oh man Nelson is getting whooped, but bamm Nelson comes back…  Nelson is walking into them.  Right hand from Nelson, but he needs more… Final 30 seconds and Nelson is tired, but still going. Santos just throwing punches. wow Santos just missed the knock out punch.. Going to round 2!! Damn fellas the $50 for PPV is worth it already!!

Round 2 – OK back too it!  Big knee from Santos… Every time Nelson charges he is getting nailed! Trying to take down Santos but not happening. Nelson needs to change up things here… Santos is playing it smart, Nelson is tired and he is just picking away at him. Don’t catch one Santos!  Nelson is not connecting.  Santos is bleeding from a cut on the right eye.  Dos Santos going for a take down. Dumb move IMO.  Dang Nelson is gassed he needs to figure out something here…  Santo’s reach is a huge advantage right now…  Going to round 3 folks..

Round 3 -  I didn’t think this would go to a decision so lets see what happens… Santos needs to come up swinging hard!  Body kick from Santos.. Combo from Nelson.. this is gonna get messy boys!!  Nelson needs a knockout! Lets get on with it…  Seems to me Nelson is so gassed.. has he ever gone to a 3rd round lol… He needs that knockout punch now!! Dang Santos is nailing Nelson and Nelson is eating them!! I gotta give him credit, but he needs to do something here…  Dang Nelson has nothing… even if he could get a chance to land one I don’t think he has the power right now.  Man Nelson getting hit but will not go down.. 40 seconds left… lets go fellas!  Wow solid left from Santos and it looks like its going to the judges…

Well what a way to start off the main fights!! I think if Nelson was in a bit better shape he could have had a better shot. He seemed gassed from the very first round. Mad respect for being able to take those punches from Dos Santos.. Santos controlled that whole fight. Nelson is banged out. Will Santos get the title shot? I dunno, but I honestly don’t think either one of these guys could beat Brock Lesnar. Well I am 0 for 1 on the night, lets see what happens next!

Winner Junior Dos Santos via Decision 30-26 30-26 30-27

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Almeida wants to choke out Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes and Ricardo Almeida go at it in UFC 117. This is going to be a fight to remember.

Here is what Ricardo Almeida had to say -

“People say that he’s slowed down—and he’s had some hiccups here and there—but at welterweight he’s really only lost to Georges St-Pierre. His fight with Thiago Alves wasn’t really at welterweight. I’m watching video on this guy and watching his fights and I’m thinking like, what are all of these people watching. It’s MMA; when you win, you’re the greatest and when you lose, you’re done. It just so happens that he has beaten a couple of guys from my team—actually, I felt that Matt Serra won his fight, but hey, I’m biased. I was in the corner with Renzo [at UFC 112] and it was very emotional to see the way that it ended, so I asked Joe Silva for that fight right away and they gave me my wish. It’s just extra motivation, but whether I like or dislike Matt Hughes doesn’t really make a difference. If it was my mother in there, I’d be trying to choke her out and I expect nothing less from my opponent.”

UFC 117 – Silva VS Sonnen

Stayed tuned for live play by play results for UFC 117. I don’t know about you, but I am excited for this UFC event!  Not only for Silva Vs Sonnen, but for a fight card that is off the hook!!!

Of course the PPV fights are going to be insane! Hughes, Guida, Nelson, Alves this is surely going to be worth the $50 I toss out for Pay Per View .

I am real curious to see how Nelson will do against Santos. Nelson kind of annoys me, but he has been able to win so I cannot fault him there.


Hughes Vs Almedia is also very interesting to me. My money would go on Hughes, but I know Almeida is capable of defeating him.

See you Saturday with beer in hand!!

Here is the UFC 117 fight card as of now!

Pay-Per-View Bouts
Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen
Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves
Clay Guida vs. Rafael Dos Anjos
Matt Hughes vs. Ricardo Almeida
Roy Nelson vs. Junior Dos Santos

Preliminary Bouts
Todd Brown vs. Tim Boetsch
Dustin Hazelett vs. Rick Story
Stefan Struve vs. Christian Morecraft
Johny Hendricks vs. Charlie Brenneman
Ben Saunders vs. Dennis Hallman
Rodney Wallace vs. Stanislav Nedkov

UFC LIVE RESULTS – Jones VS Matyushenko

Jon Jones Defeats Vladimir Matyushenko – Round 1 – 1:52 TKO

Read below for more details from UFC Live on Versus in San Diego!

OK Folks you ready for this!! Here we go Jones VS Matyushenko at UFC LIVE!!

Here are the results from the prelims!

Rob KimmonsDefeated Steve Steinbeiss via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Charles OliveiraDefeated Darren Elkins via Submission (Armbar) at 0:41 in the 1stRound
Brian StannDefeated Mike Massenzio via Submission (Triangle Choke) at 3:10 in the 3rdRound
Igor PokrajacDefeated James Irvin via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:29 in the 1stRound
Matt RiddleDefeated DaMarques Johnson via TKO (Punches) at 4:29 in the 2ndRound
Jacob Volkmann Defeated Paul Kelly via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Main Bouts – UFC LIVE On Versus 2

Tyson Griffin vs. Takanori Gomi

My Pick – I think Griffin will pull this out! Why? I just feel that Griffin has more power then Gomi and he needs to win! Let’s see… what happens…

Round 1-  Oh boy looks like I was wrong!! Damnn Griffin got nailed. WOW!!!!  They both came out swinging. I really did not expect that to happen so fast. Man Griffin is disappointed! Wow Gomi really landed that. That was a strong punch. Kudos to Gomi! First time Griffin has been knocked out.

Gomi Defeats Griffin -  Round 1 – Knockout 1:04

Jake Ellenberger vs. John Howard

My Pick – Let’s see if I can choose a bit better ;-) Howard is looking tough and so does Ellenberger. It is going to come down to who is going to make the first mistake. Tonight I think that will be Howard! Ellenberger for the WIN!

Round 1- Here we go…  Both come out hitting hard! Howard sinks a nice left and now they are tied up.  Hope Howard didn’t pay for that hair cut ;-)   Boring.. cmon guys… ok ref breaks it up… Take down for Ellenberger.  Howard is doing a good job of holding Ellenbergers arms.  On the ground and broken up again… Not much damage done yet… Couple jabs by Ellenberger and bamm another take down for Ellenberger.  15 seconds left and it looks like Ellenberger is winning Round 1

Round 2- Howard lands a nice leg kick. Oww!!! Hit again and Ellenberger takes Howard down again. Man I thought Ellenberger might have been getting dropped there.  Ellenberger is trying to pin Howards left arm, but its not working to well.  Howard looking for an arm bar.  Howards left eye is swollen bad!  Boos from the crowd. Back up on their feet.. Howard some shots but Ellenberger takes it to the ground again. Man Howard is hitting him nice, but Ellenberger keeps shooting on him.  Dang big elbow from Ellenberger to that swollen eye.  OMG that thing is huge!!! Man they might be calling this one, that eye is gonna be shut soon!

Round 3-Well we are going to Round 3 I guess Howards eye is good enough. Oh man flying knee from Howard… Howard has def landed some harder shots, but Ellenberger is still going.  Jeez that EYE!!! Take down from Ellenberger… I would not want to have that eye pounded on.  On the ground and Ellenberger is just throwing punches.  Dean breaks it up. Dr’s looking at Howards eye. Doctor stops the fight. Howard is upset, but man that eye is bad. Better off living to fight another day IMO.

EllenbergerDefeats Howard – Round 3 – 2:21 TKO (Doctor Calls Fight – Howards EYE)

Mark Munoz vs. Yushin Okami

My Pick – I dunno about this one. I want Munoz to win, but since Japan has brought it once tonight already with GOMI I am going to give it to OKAMI. We shall see.  I am 1 for 1 on my picks lol ;-)

Round 1 – Here we go. Some dancing around.. nice shot landed by Munoz.  Boring… Both guys just calibrating… Couple chances but both fighters missing them… On the ground now… Back up, but Munoz can’t find the range, OKAMI is a long dude. Munoz tries for a take down and gets em… lets see what he can do.. not much back up to their feet.  Big uppercut from Munoz… 10 seconds and looks like we going to round 2. Not sure who to give it too, I would say Munoz because of the take down, otherwise it was pretty even, but hey what do I know!

Round 2- Munoz seems to be the agressor which could give him some problems, but I always appreciate the aggressor in a fight!  Okami seems very hard to take down and has long legs to keep him up. Some big punches just missed by both fighters. PHEWW if they would have landed for either lol.  I think OKAMI needs to start throwin more punches. Uh oh munoz rocks OKAMI and they are on the ground… back up and Munoz is swinging.. slug fest.. Munoz attacking, but it slows down. Both fighers on their feet, Munoz for the take down, but Okami Sprawls.  I am thinking Munoz should just work on the stand up. Seems like he is hitting more anyway…  Munoz is just wasting energy now.  Good defense from OKAMI.. On to round 3…

Round 3-  OkAMI out swinging which he needs to do. OKAMI needs a knockout!!  He is swinging…  Oh yeah baby slug time I love this!!  On the ground, MUNOZ trying, but OKAMI is long and strong,  Back up…  Nice both just swinging…  Munoz for another take down but no luck…  Munoz slips and Okami jumps on him… both fighters are tired, but one of them has to dig deep and make somehting happen.  Big slip by Okami, but Munoz does not take full advantage of it..  Dang some tough shots from Munoz… solid shot from Okami and goes for a take down… Okami sprawling… 90 seconds left…  Okami is just throwing punches to the body.  Some boo’s from the crowd.  Okami still throwing body punches… 20 seconds… looks like this is it folks…

Hmmm.. Well I would say round 1 def to Munoz and prob round 2, but 3 goes to Okami. Munoz is prob taking this one folks, but let’s see what the judges say;

OkamiDefeats Munoz – Split Decision Wow! I thought Munoz really won that!

Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

My Pick – OK Folks here we go!! The main event. I have been saying since the very beginning that I think Jones is going to win, so… Jones for the win!! I just don’t think Matyushenko is gonna be able to get in on Jones!

Round 1 - YES!! Here we go…  Both fighters sizing each other up… Matyushenko trying to get in…  spinning back kick from jones and jones with a take down. Matyushenko going for an arm bar… lets go and now jones on top smothering him… passes into side control…  oh man jones on his arm, OMG its over Dean calls it!!! Wow!!

Damn that was quick lol… Jones got on top and started pounding. ha I thought that pinning your arm down was Nelsons trick. Roy why didn’t you show matyushenko that? Anyways hey what can I say great fight!

Jon Jones Defeats Vladimir Matyushenko – Round 1 – 1:52 TKO


Lyoto Machida confirms meeting with Quinton Jackson, likely UFC 123 headliner

Both light heavyweight champions Lyoto Machida and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have officially agreed to meet for a fight, which according to certain reports by in November, is supposed to be at UFC 123. Machida has an overall MMA record of 16-1 and Jackson has a current record of 30-8, numbers which are expected to change with the upcoming fight.

Though he did not give specifics with regards to a date, Machida confirmed the upcoming fight over Twitter. The match is set to be at UFC 123, which takes place on November 20th, and the fight between Machida and Jackson is set to headline the entire show. gave some ideas as to which city may hold the event, yet nothing certain was confirmed as far as a location is concerned.

This upcoming fight will have major implications for the light heavyweight title. Jackson is a formed UFC champ, winning the match and the belt by knocking out Chuck Liddell back in 2007. He is expected to bounce back from his loss to coach Rashad Evans at UFC 114. Jut prior to Jackson’s loss as well as his 14-month long layoff, he managed to win fights against both Keith Jardine and Wanderlei Silva.

Machida was forced to bounce back from a loss as well, suffering the very first defeat of his career by Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Just before the loss to Rua, Machida won eight consecutive UFC bouts, including UFC 98 against Evans, earning him his title.

Despite twin daughters and weight issues, Matt Riddle ready for UFC on Versus 2

With the upcoming UFC fight on Sunday, Matt Riddle has new motivation to fight inside the octagon with DaMarques Johnson, his newly born twin girls. Although he is not quite sure that it will help him in his fight against Johnson, he hopes for the best but is not counting on it to get him all the way through.

If Riddle wins the upcoming fight which is set to be in San Diego Sports Arena, he plans on using the money he makes from the fight to take his new family on vacation to Pennsylvania where his parents live. A confident Riddle says, “I’m coming in August 1st, and I’m smashing DaMarques, and I’m getting money, and I’m getting a bonus.” His bold prediction of the upcoming game was first heard on MMAjunkie radio.

The Pennsylvania native fighter is anxious to win this fight legitimately, as his last victory was questionable, using an illegal upkick on opponent Greg Soto, rendering him unable to continue the fight at UFC 111. Riddle commented on his upcoming fight with Johnson, saying only that he is a good opponent to face and it should help him to get back on track. Riddle has an overall MMA record of 4-1 and Johnson 14-7.

Riddle commented further on his upcoming fight, saying “I think he’s more dangerous off his back because people get him there and really sleep on him”. Appearing to know the risks of his fight with Johnson, Riddle also says, “I think that’s the one place I’ve really got to be careful.”

The fighter said on Twitter that whether it was his new fatherly regimen or just pure excitement for the upcoming bout, he had been gaining a little bit too much weight and was forced to change course with his training. He commented about the change in weight, saying “I normally don’t step on the scale until four weeks before a fight because usually my weight’s not a problem”. Riddle also said, “This time, I stepped on the scale a little early, and I’m glad because I was between 205 and 210 pounds, and I was having a hard time getting it off.”

After making some changes to his training routine which helped him to cut a significant amount of weight in just a few weeks, he is back with a vengeance and ready to start striking again. He commented about his new weight, “Now I’m walking around at 185 or 180, so I feel great”. “My body was just retaining a lot of water. I just had to sweat a lot of it out and get used to it.”

Riddle also gave himself a new nickname for the upcoming fight, “Monster Mash”. Although he was hoping for a remix of the song, he will have to settle for his originally planned entrance music of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

He says that having friends such as Brandon Sene in his corner at the fight will help immensely, saying “I fee like I need to keep my friends in my corner because I fight a lot better happy”. Although a lot of UFC fighters tend to think about their families when they are in the ring, Riddle isn’t quite so sure, saying that he plays it by ear and whatever happens just happens. As of right now, thoughts of a vacation are what he has on his mind and it’s what is motivating him to win the fight. Riddle’s final words on the right were, “We’re going to have to find out when I fight. I’m already very determined. I hope it does give me an extra push and I fight harder.”

UFC 116 Results

ufc 116 lesnar

I was on vacation in Delaware for this fight which I wanted to get on PPV really bad. I don’t know what COmcasts deal was down there, but for the life of me I was not able to order. On a geek note I ended up having to order it via my laptop, then hooking the laptop up via HDMI to the TV. I missed most of the bouts, but was able to catch the Leben/sexy yama fight and of course the main event.

I was up in the air about the Lesnar / Carwin fight. Carwin has been eating people alive, but Lesnar is just awesome IMO. That guy has learned so much in such little time it really impresses me. Lesnar coming back from his medical issues had me wondering.  Right of the bat Carwin was rocking Lesnar and I thought it was over for Brock. Now… did Lesnar really let Carwin put a beating on him to tire himself out? I guess nobody really knows, but it sure worked, cause Carwin was def gassed in that 2nd round and Lesnar was able to take advantage of that and nite nite Carwin.


  • Jon Madsen def. Karlos Vemola by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Daniel Roberts def. Forrest Petz by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)
  • Gerald Harris defeated Dave Branch by KO (slam) Rd. 3 (2:35)
  • Kendall Grove def. Goran Reljic by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
  • Ricardo Romero defeated Seth Petruzelli by submission (armbar) Rd. 2 (3:05)
  • Brendan Schaub def. Chris Tuchscherer via TKO (strikes) Rd. 1 (1:07)

Main Card:

  • George Sotiropoulos def. Kurt Pellegrino by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Stephan Krzysztof Bonnar def. Soszynski by TKO (strikes) Rd. 2 (3:08)
  • Chris Lytle def. Matt Brown by submission (mounted triangle/straight armbar) Rd. 2 (2:02)
  • Yoshihiro Leben def. Chris Akiyama by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 3 (4:40)
  • Brock Lesnar def. Shane Carwin by submission (arm triangle choke) Rd. 2 (2:19)


  • $75,000 “Submission of the Night”—Brock Lesnar
  • $75,000 “Knockout of the Night”—Gerald Harris
  • $75,000 “Fight of the Night”– Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski and Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama
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UFC 115 Results

I did want Liddell to pull this out, but I do like Franklin a lot. It was funny because when he blocked that kick I saw him look down at his arm, like damn that hurts. Little did we all know the dude finished it off with a broken arm. Now that is legit!


  • Pyle def. Lennox by submission (triangle choke) Rd. 3 (4:44)
  • Patrick def. Funch by submission (guillotine choke) Rd. 2 (1:48)
  • Wilks def. Sobotta by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–28, 30–27)
  • Miranda def. Loiseau by TKO (punches) Rd. 2 (4:07)
  • Wiman def. Danzig by submission (guillotine choke) Rd. 1 (1:45)
  • Dunham def. Griffin by split decision (30–27, 28–29, 29–28)

Main Card:

  • Condit def. MacDonald by TKO (strikes) Rd. 3 (4:53)
  • Rothwell def. Yvel by unanimous decision (30–27, 29–28, 29–28)
  • Kampmann def. Thiago by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27)
  • Filipović def. Barry by submission (rear naked choke) Rd. 3 (4:30)
  • Franklin def. Liddell by KO (punches) Rd. 1 (4:53)


  • $85,000 “Submission of the Night”–Mirko Filipović
  • $85,.000 “Knockout of the Night”—Rich Franklin

$85,000 “Fight of the Night”– Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald

UFC 114 Results


  • Jensen def. Forbes by submission (guillotine choke) Rd. 1 (1:06)
  • Riley def. Brammer by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27)
  • Diabaté def. Cane by TKO (strikes) Rd. 1 (2:13)
  • Guillard def. Lowe by TKO (strikes) Rd. 1 (3:28)
  • Efrain Escudero def. Dan Lauzon by unanimous decision (29–27, 29–27, 29–27)
  • Dong Kim def. Amir Sadollah by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27)

Main Card:

  • Hathaway def. Sanchez by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–26)
  • Nogueira def. Brilz by split decision (28–29, 29–28, 29–28)
  • Russow def. Duffee by KO (punch) Rd. 3 (2:35)
  • Bisping def. Miller by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 29–27)
  • Evans def. Jackson by unanimous decision (29–28, 30–27, 30–27)


  • $65,000 “Submission of the Night”—Ryan Jensen
  • $65,000 “Knockout of the Night”—Mike Russow
  • $65,000 “Fight of the Night”—Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz